We are builders,
Not buyers.

BIP Ventures consistently produces exceptional outcomes for founders and top-quartile returns for investors. We partner with people who share our passion for solving real problems and unleashing the power of innovation to create incomparable value.

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Total Funds
Raised Annually1
Exited enterprise value4
Startup Investments2
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The founders we back consistently build category-leading businesses that tackle real problems.


We identify and capture opportunities for the people we serve.

We are drawn to big problems that impact society and to those who see vexing challenges as opportunities. These are people who dream up ideas and then embrace the real work required to bring them to life. We connect the people who invest in possibility.


We invest in companies across various stages of growth. Each has the potential to become a category leader in an emerging, high-growth market.

BIP Ventures focuses on big problems, big ideas, and the bold founders and innovators who are advancing innovation to solve them.

Software and tech-enabled services solving real problems

1st institutional capital   (Seed, Series A, Series B)

Annual recurring revenue between  $100K-$100M

Our Approach

Different by design.

Since 2007, we have continued to refine our value proposition and investment platform to create advantages for investors and founders that other VCs can’t replicate.

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Innovative Products
for Investors

We design investment products that increase access to capital and reduce drag on returns, allowing us to do things other VCs can’t.

An Elite Team of
Aligned Individuals

We balance heart, know-how, and superior experience investing in and scaling category-leading companies.

Data Science

We capture unique data drivers to give our team a distinct information advantage and foundation for guidance.

Financial Science &
Real Option Theory

Scientific rigor grounds our investment decisions, yielding process advantages and consistent outlier returns.

Human + Machine

We empower our partners with timely data, producing competitive advantages at the strategic and tactical levels.


Our Performance Engineering efforts strengthen portfolio company competitiveness and market leverage, resulting in an increased probability of positive outcomes.

A Partnership

We actively seek out and provide economic and social benefits for our founders, investors, and team members.

Symmetrical & Ethical Transactions

We are high-integrity partners who seek the win-win because we are in the business of building together.

Our Impact

What our partners say.

From our first conversation during our capital raise, we have felt a huge sense of trust. They have been a knowledgeable and attentive partner in helping us scale our company and we couldn’t be more excited for the future!

Ryan Mathisen, Co-founder & CEO of GloveBox

Working with BIP Ventures has been transformative for Chargezoom. Their unwavering support, strategic insights, and commitment to our growth have propelled us through the highs and lows of scaling a startup. Together, we are turning bold ideas into realities in FinTech.

Matt Dubois, Founder & CEO of Chargezoom

We truly appreciate this partnership. The team has been instrumental in helping to guide our growth, as well as offer their expertise and perspective throughout our journey.

John P. Letter, CEO of Proem Behavioral Health

BIP Ventures has been a great partner through the best and the worst of Case Status.

Andy Seavers, Co-founder & CEO of Case Status

All VCs say they are there to help, but how they help differs greatly. BIP Venture's way of delivering help takes many forms, but each manner keeps the focus on what you need as a leader. Balanced, respectful, insightful, mindful and valuable help is what BIP Ventures delivers to our company, and it is making all the difference.

Sean Barry, CEO of Kobiton

Especially when we’ve faced growing pains, this team has shown up. They’ve helped us to pull the right levers at the right times, like knowing when to be aggressive with go-to-market efforts and when to hold tight to operational rigor. And as we’ve grown, they have made sure we are savvy with things like interviewing and compensation so we can build the strongest possible team. With BIP Ventures, we know we’re never going it alone.

Dan Ciprari, CEO of Pointivo

BIP Ventures fuels passion for profit and returns for all. I am humbled by all that they do in taking a wider view on people, diversity, and ongoing skilling. There's a big difference in how they do business – and it mirrors the values of SkillCycle.️

Kristy McCann Flynn, Co-Founder & CEO of SkillCycle
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We have made substantial investments in our partners’ business ventures and may do so again in their future ventures, which creates an incentive for them to speak favorably of us.

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Join the innovation ecosystem.

Whether you are a visionary entrepreneur doing the work to scale your category-defining business or a bold investor embracing the risk and reward of investing in the innovation economy, you are BIP Ventures people.