BIP Ventures Portfolio Companies GameDriver and Kobiton Announce Partnership

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The Alliance will Elevate Automated Mobile Game Development and Testing

[September 21, 2023] [MARTINEZ, CA and ATLANTA, GA] BIP Ventures portfolio companies GameDriver® Inc., the premier automated testing solution for gaming and XR experiences, and Kobiton, Inc., the leading provider of mobile testing solutions, have announced a strategic partnership. Together, the companies will strive to elevate the standards of game testing and quality assurance within the dynamic and ever-evolving gaming industry.

By joining forces, Kobiton and GameDriver aim to address the unique challenges faced by game developers and QA professionals in ensuring five-star game quality. The partnership will offer a unified solution that streamlines testing workflows by enabling mobile developers using game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine to easily test their apps and games usingGameDriver’s automated testing solution.

"The alliance between GameDriver and Kobiton is meaningful to firms in the enormous game publishing industry," said Dan Drechsel, General Partner at BIP Ventures. "By working together, the companies advance support for mobile and live equipment environments, enabling customers to compress software development life cycles and increase software quality. That unlocks huge advances in the growing Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) application market."

A Powerful Solution for Developers

Mobile game studios and application/XR developers face many challenges when building and testing across multiple mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, and on supporting form factors such as phones and tablets. Ensuring a consistent user experience, functionality, and performance is key, and requires a testing strategy that encompasses a potentially large and fragmented number of supporting devices. The Kobiton platform allows producers of mobile games and experiences to leverage public or private cloud devices quickly, and scale up testing with ease.

Through the combination of GameDriver's powerful automated game testing technology with Kobiton's comprehensive mobile testing platform, developers will now be empowered to optimize their game development and quality assurance processes across diverse gaming platforms. By enabling QA teams to efficiently run automated tests across a wide range of devices, operating systems, and network conditions, the new partnership will help to significantly accelerate the game testing process, as well as reduce time-to-market, and enhance the overall experience for players.

The partnership will also extend the reach and expertise of both companies to provide value added capabilities through their respective Sales, Support, and Implementation organizations.

“Our partnership with Kobiton introduces an unparalleled capability to scale mobile testing for gaming and immersive experiences built using game engines in a way that hasn’t been done before,” said Robert Gutierrez, co-founder and CEO at GameDriver. “GameDriver does for game engines what Selenium WebDriver did for Web and Mobile applications by allowing for rapid, consistent, and scalable automated testing across engines and platforms. Kobiton is where we find that scale, along with the insights provided by a fully integrated mobile development and testing platform.”

Additionally, Kobiton is the first SaaS provider to join GameDriver’s Partner ecosystem, and is releasing an integration within their mobile development and testing platform that will allow users to upload and execute GameDriver tests on 100% real devices with ease – a first in the market for game and XR development that will be generally available in Q3 2023.

“This partnership signifies a new era in game testing. By merging GameDriver’s automation with Kobiton’s vast device coverage, we’re setting a gold standard for mobile game quality assurance,” added Frank Moyer, CTO at Kobiton.

To kick off the partnership, GameDriver and Kobiton will be hosting a joint webinar on September 28th, 2023 to demonstrate the value of their combined capabilities. Both companies are also offering free trials for developers and QA teams that can be accessed immediately. To experience the full benefit of automated game testing using GameDriver and Kobiton, teams are encouraged to contact either organization by visiting their respective websites at and

About GameDriver, Inc.

GameDriver offers automated testing for video games and XR experiences. The company’spatented SDK provides comprehensive control and unmatched object identification andmanipulation during test execution, helping to reduce dependency on manual testing whileimproving time to market and overall product quality. GameDriver supports Unity, Unreal Engine,and Godot.

About Kobiton, Inc.

Kobiton is a cloud-based mobile app testing platform that allows users to quickly run manual and automated tests against real Android and iOS devices. Simple to use, easy to access from anywhere, and highly flexible, Kobiton minimizes costs while increasing productivity, so businesses can get apps to market sooner.

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This press release may contain forward-looking statements subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied. These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this press release, and neither GameDriver or Kobiton undertakes no obligation to update or revise these statements.

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