Metaimpact™ Has Launched a Digital Platform to Confront the World’s Biggest Problems


Metaimpact is a breakthrough multi-stakeholder platform for managing large-scale initiatives. Formerly known as MetaCX, the company has relaunched to empower organizations at the forefront of solving big problems like affordable healthcare, workforce development, and the racial wealth gap.

Drawdown Georgia Business Compact, a business-focused collaborative initiative, is one such organization using Metaimpact to galvanize climate action in Georgia. “Metaimpact provides the digital infrastructure we need to align dozens of organizations, large and small, to focus their individual climate actions toward a bigger collective impact,” said David Eady, Director of Industry Engagement at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Organizations worldwide are dedicated to confronting big problems, but any kind of technology to support the systems-level change required to solve these problems has been wholly lacking. With Metaimpact, these organizations can build purpose-driven, digital impact networks where contributing stakeholders can act on shared goals and monitor performance with a shared system of measurement.

“We are proud to play a role in driving meaningful change across so many areas of need,” said Scott McCorkle, CEO of Metaimpact. “When we brought our multi-stakeholder network to market as MetaCX five years ago, our early customers started applying our technology to an ever-increasing size and scope of problem, ultimately telling us that the bigger the problem you throw at us, the better. The Metaimpact name captures our unique ability to create collective impact at this large scale.”

Impact networks within the Metaimpact platform are self-organizing and can interconnect in any combination. This is important because big problems can’t be solved one by one. Workforce challenges, for example, cannot be addressed in isolation. They are entangled with access to affordable housing, transportation issues, education gaps, and more.

“Metaimpact creates a nexus of commercial enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies where change makers can engage and collaborate on our most pressing world issues. It's where policymakers can identify redundancies as well as understand where they are making the most progress,” explained Jay Hein, CEO of Sagamore Institute. “The platform guides behavior in real-time. In effect, it's business intelligence for social change.”

Metaimpact is being deployed across the country to bring multiple stakeholders together in collaborative impact networks so they can align on a shared purpose and create collective action toward critical issues.

Wellstar Health System is one of the largest health systems in Georgia and Catalyst by Wellstar is a first-of-its-kind innovation company and venture firm. “Collaboration and partnership are key drivers for exponential impact as we press toward the future of healthcare. We are partnering with Metaimpact to better understand value creation in complex strategies and multi-faceted operational activities,” said Dr. Hank Capps, Executive Vice President, Chief Information and Digital Offer at Wellstar Health System and President of Catalyst by Wellstar.

With support from JPMorgan Chase, Innopower is building ecosystem support for diverse business owners, “Metaimpact is helping Innopower harness the immense power of mass collaboration and innovation to accelerate economic productivity and wealth generation in Black and Brown communities,” stated Emil Ekiyor, Founder and CEO of Innopower. “Backed by a groundbreaking digital infrastructure, we’re creating a regional network of stakeholders that connects minority business owners to much-needed capital resources, capacity-building, supplier diversity opportunities, and other resources that will help support their growth.”

Collaboratory is using Metaimpact to build a coalition of coalitions to drive widespread social change in Southwest Florida. “Collaboratory, a regional community foundation, is committed to coordinating the solving of all of Southwest Florida’s major social problems by 2040,” explained Jonathan Romine, Chief Operations Officer at Collaboratory. “The team at Collaboratory cannot do it alone. It will require cross-sector partners working together across all five counties. Metaimpact provides the digital framework needed to visualize what it will take to get there and connect all stakeholders to align on, manage, and measure solutions.”

About Metaimpact™

Metaimpact (formerly MetaCX) enables organizations to design, build, and deploy digital impact networks where multiple stakeholders can act on shared goals to create collective impact. These networks interconnect, empowering organizations to confront the world's biggest problems like improving access to affordable healthcare, meeting workforce needs, advancing climate solutions, and closing the racial wealth gap. Learn more about Metaimpact here.

Since its inception as MetaCX in 2018, Metaimpact has raised $38.5M from BIP Ventures, High Alpha, Upfront Ventures, Stepstone Group, Engage, IU Ventures, and more.

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