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Startup Showdown

We're excited to partner with Venture Atlanta, the region's largest venture conference, as a sponsor and host of the Seed Stage Showcase.    

For 15 years, Venture Atlanta has been selecting the most promising tech companies from across the Southeast and bringing in top investment firms from across the nation to hear them pitch. Alumni companies have collectively achieved over $6.5B in funding raised and $17B in exits. This year is no different, and from the hundreds of applications received, over 40 startups will be selected to attend the two-day conference.

As part of the Seed Stage Showcase, each startup will be paired with four mentors to help refine their pitch prior to the conference. Allyson Eman, CEO of Venture Atlanta, breaks down how to secure seed funding at Venture Atlanta and includes a few tips from our investment team!    

If you're a newly minted entrepreneur who's ready to raise, you probably have a long list of questions that center around one thing: how to get seed funding. Navigating the world of venture capital can be daunting — especially for first-time founders. But the good news is startup funding has increased significantly over the last decade. According to Crunchbase, fewer than 3,200 companies received seed funding from 2006 through 2010. Today, that number is closer to 23,000 — good news for early-stage entrepreneurs in search of seed funding. While there are several routes you can take to pursue seed capital, the Venture Atlanta Conference and community at large is a great place to find and connect with investors, no matter the stage of your business.    

The Basics of Seed Stage Investments for Startups

What is Seed Capital?

In simplest terms, seed capital is money raised for early stage (or seed stage) startups. This type of funding specifically covers initial startup costs and is designed to get the business up and running. A good rule of thumb to remember when raising is that your seed round should provide 12-18 months of cash to run and grow your startup.    It often follows a pre-seed round and is the precursor to Series A. In addition to funding startup costs, seed capital can also help entrepreneurs attract more funding opportunities down the road.  

Who Invests in Seed Stage Companies?

Seed capital is typically raised in smaller amounts, often from friends, family, or acquaintances. However, it can come from venture capitalists and angel investors as well. Here's a look at some of the most common seed capital sources:  

Venture Capitalists (VCs)

Certain venture capital funds will provide seed funding for startups — but only if they see significant growth opportunities. VCs tend to be more risk averse than, say, angel investors, and therefore tend to be more discerning with seed capital. The best place to get seed funding from VCs is, of course, Venture Atlanta. Our annual conference attracts VCs looking to invest in all stages of business — including seed stage.  

Angel Investors

Angel investors are individuals who invest in startups using their own funds in exchange for equity. They can be anyone from privately wealthy people to corporate investors who provide capital, and often mentorship, to new entrepreneurs. As the figurative angels of the investment world, these investors earned their name because they often fund unproven (and therefore riskier) ventures. They are the saving grace, so to speak, for early stage entrepreneurs who are unable to secure more traditional venture capital or bank loans.  

Friends, Family, and Acquaintances

When raising seed funding, many entrepreneurs turn to friends, family, and acquaintances who know them, trust them, and believe in their vision. There are often fewer hoops to jump through when raising capital from friends and family than traditional funding avenues, making it faster and easier to get seed funding for startups.  

Seed Funding for Startups at Venture Atlanta

There is no better place for seed stage companies to connect than at Venture Atlanta — it's where founders from the Southeast meet funders from across the country.    When it comes to pitching, we seek companies in all stages of growth — ranging from very early to growth stage — that are tech-enabled and looking to raise capital sometime in the next 18 months. Selected pitch companies will gain exposure to 300+ investors representing 200+ nationwide funds. If you're preparing to raise, check out this article by BIP Ventures investment team member, Paraj Mathur, to learn about the art of the seed pitch.    

Opportunities at Venture Atlanta for Seed Stage Companies

Sponsored by BIP Ventures and McDermott Will & Emery, the Seed Stage Showcase at Venture Atlanta is an opportunity for investors and showcase companies to connect. This 90-minute session will be a "round robin" of sorts, with a certain number of founders and investors matched by sector at each table. The goal will be for founders to learn from one another while having the opportunity to tell investors about their companies.    

In addition, BIP Ventures and McDermott Will & Emery are hosting mentor days, where each startup will be paired with four mentors to help refine their pitch prior to the conference. These will be held on September 21 and 22, and are available to all selected companies. For the first time ever, we've added this type of programming to the Venture Atlanta schedule to highly encourage investor attendance.    

Showcase companies will also receive:  

  • One complimentary ticket to the event
  • Admittance to the exclusive VA Investor Dinner. This is THE BEST NETWORKING event of the conference and is attended by all investors!
  • Free press kit
  • Ongoing social media coverage

Secure Your Spot (and Maybe Even Your Seed Capital!) at Venture Atlanta 2022

If you're wondering how to get seed funding, look no further — Venture Atlanta is the place to be. We are actively looking for tech companies from across the Southeast to apply. While selected growth stage companies will pitch on stage, the selected seed stage companies will participate in the Showcase. It's free to apply, so this is no-risk, can't-miss opportunity! Hurry — the deadline to apply is August 12th. Apply here for your opportunity to pitch or showcase.    

Not quite ready to pitch or showcase this year? There is still a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs who attend the conference. Networking, and learning what the pitch process is like so they know for future years. Learn more and register to attend here.

Join our team at the 15th annual Venture Atlanta conference on October 19-20, 2022 at The Woodruff Arts Center and Atlanta Symphony Hall.    

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