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1 True Health

1 True Health – Care Management is a technology-enabled clinical services company that offers turnkey virtual-first preventative care.

1 True Health partners with Clinical Practices, Senior Living Communities, and Hospitals to help serve their patients/residents with regular, recurring communication, disease-specific care coordination, and health/wellness education. Through delightful services and intelligent software, 1 True Health is addressing the most critical needs in healthcare and helping patients better manage chronic and acute conditions. The company gives patients control over their medical data, offering a comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-understand Personal Health Record (PHR) comprised of data from past encounters as well as real-time health information. The 1 True Health technology platform aggregates data from all sources and care points, including real-time information from wearables (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, etc.) and remote patient monitoring devices (blood pressure cuffs, glucometers for diabetes, etc.). The technology uses Artificial Intelligence to extract clinical meaning from the data. Patients get summary information in a graphical, intuitive format along with a Comprehensive Care Plan (CCP) that offers steps to take to live healthier and longer.


Shawn Smith


Austin, TX



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