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Ksana Health

Ksana Health is transforming mental health care and research by creating digital tools that make ongoing assessment easy and accessible to researchers, behavioral health leaders, practitioners, and health systems.

Ksana Health was founded in 2019 in Eugene Oregon in order to translate the tools and findings developed by the University of Oregon's Center for Digital Mental Health into products and services that will transform mental health care and research. Led by Nick Allen, a Professor of Clinical Psychology with extensive research and clinical experience, and Will Shortt, an experienced software business leader and startup CEO, Ksana Health aims to give clients, practitioners, administrators, and researchers the tools that will define the future of mental health care. Evidence, innovation, safety, and privacy are core values at Ksana Health. Ksana Health believes that digital technology is producing the greatest treasure trove of data on human behavior that has ever existed, but that its potential for social and health benefits has barely been realized.


Nick Allen


Eugene, OR



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