Podcast Episode: Interview Skills & Pitfalls for Startup Founders

Performance Engineering

The secret to long-lasting success for companies in any economic climate is a strong leader and the team behind them. Building a winning team through effective interviews is one of the best secrets of thriving businesses. Unfortunately, many startups struggle to grow due to inadequate hiring practices and not mastering the art of conducting interviews to recruit the right talent. That is where Renata Mathison comes in.

In this episode, talent expert Renata Mathison joins BIP Ventures' talent specialist, Jacki Hertenstein, to discuss the critical ingredients for successful interviews. Renata explains how to define an ideal candidate profile, assemble a panel with specific questioning roles, leverage a structured interview guide, and prioritize assessing the candidate's experience.


  • [01:26] Foundations that companies need to have in place before an interview process
  • [02:15] How managers and business leaders can do to sell their company during an interview
  • [03:15]  How Renata's company helps customize interview guides
  • [03:58 ] Coaching tips for your hiring manager when evaluating candidates
  • [04:55] How leaders can select the right staffing partner
  • [07:48] Evaluating culture-fit values for your company
  • [08:44] The good and bad of integrating AI in the hiring process
  • [09:59] Why a candidate's experience is underrated in hiring
  • [11:34] Remote vs in-person interview process
  • [12:33] The state of diversity within the hiring process
  • [13:59] Hiring tips to ensure compliance with ethical laws
  • [15:07] How inexperienced interviewers can interview well
  • [18:16] The selection process in different organizations

Points of Wisdom:

  • "For critical leadership roles, never interview the candidates remotely. It is better to incur the costs through in-person interviewing rather than having the wrong person." [11:31]
  • "If you have an office or hybrid environment, never hire anyone remotely. If they are not willing to spend their time to come to your office, there will be a challenge." [11:40]

About Renata Mathison:

Renata Mathison serves as the Managing Director and Co-Founder of aquesst, a specialized Information Technology search firm. aquesst excels in sourcing talent for various organizations, including small businesses, mid-sized enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies, offering flexible hiring options such as contract, contract-to-hire, direct hire, and project-based placements. Renata brings a wealth of IT recruitment experience, demonstrating a consistent ability to identify individuals who not only possess the required technical expertise but also align seamlessly with the culture of their prospective organizations.

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